About Olives & Orange

Olives & Orange takes its inspiration from the Mediterranean Diet, a delicious way of eating based on grains greens and olive oil found in all the countries  attached to the Mediterranean, from Lebanon and Israel through Turkey and  Greece and including Spain, Italy and even Southern France. While all these  regions have very distinctive individual culinary traditions they all include  abundant extra virgin olive oil with lots of great seasonal vegetables and an  abundance of grains and beans as well as small amounts of meat and fish. Joseph Ciriello of Dirty Bird To Go and Sara Jenkins of Porchetta and Porsena were inspired by their shared love of the Mediterranean and its delicious flavors  to create a catering and delivery company that would make it easy for everyone  to enjoy the bold flavors and healthy choices the Mediterranean brings to the table.

Sourcing their food from all the best purveyors New York City has from DiPalo’s cheese shop in little Italy to the Union Square greenmarket and everything in between Joe and Sara have created a menu of daily items available for immediate delivery as well as a more comprehensive catering menu easily tailored to accommodate anyone’s needs from early morning breakfast to sit down formal dinners at home.